Friday – 1:45pm – insane last minute verses rush. Campers have 15 minutes left to get verses turned in for points for their team! “verses win the week!”

Friday – 11am – about to start up a huge energy-packed game of trivia called “Wild, Wild Test.” We’ll see how well our teens were listening throughout the week. Questions and challenges and awesomeness await!

Congregational singing of one of our favorite youth group songs

Pettit Team singing before Morris preaches

Thursday – 3pm – Just finished a great Family Reunion time. We gathered as a youth group and shared how God has been growing and changing us. So sweet to hear confessions, apologies and forgiveness and God’s grace alive and well!

Thursday – 10am – after a late night game the team slept in…breakfast in bed…another full day ahead. What could be better? :)

Wednesday – 7am – Now this is why we brought jackets! Brrr! It’s quite a chilly morning. Looking forward to a full day of activities!

Tuesday – 6:13pm – Its game time on the field! Its a massive team game of “Settlers of Catan” called Boomtown. Our kids will love this!

Tuesday – 12pm – Cabin challenges are happening all around us! Points for your team if you can beat another cabin in a challenge. It could be Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, or Sprinting. Two of our guys challenged another cabin to carrying thier counselor the farthest…the fastest.

Tuesday – 9am – Our team is all matched up with their cabins. Right now starting a four day study on James 3-4 – Wisdom from below vs. Wisdom from above.

Sunday – 3pm – Leadership team mandated rest time going on right now. :) The team is confined to their rooms for some much needed quiet and chill time. Looking forward to a special evening service with the Northland camp staff!

Sunday – 1pm – Grabbing a Wisconsin tradition–frozen custard!

Sunday – 9:15am – Preparing for children’s church & SS this morning. Our team is serving by giving a children’s pastor and his team a day off!

Saturday – 5pm – lots of work done this AM! After lunch, we headed to a new church to do a white glove for them. Got to serve w/a new believer in the church! So exciting to see our bond in Christ!

Friday – 7:40pm – Prayer meeting before the service. We are begging God to use his Word in us and in the other teen campers!

Thursday – 12:34pm – Fueled up with some pizza and lots of water. The sun is up and there is work to be done! exceeding expectations left an right! Great team!

Tuesday – 10:20am three of our girls are hard at work transforming a massive white barn into a massive brown barn. Yeah, paint crew!

Thursday – 10:12am – Well earned water break going on right now. We are in a solid groove around here. Assembly line landscaping is the wave of the future!

Thursday Work Update

We worked hard pecking away at our task list. We’ve got a great team, and we’ve had fun, sweat alot and finished off alot of work so far!
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Friday – 6am – so enjoying the cool weather up here. Gorgeous night last night. This morning… It is bkfast at 7am and devos, then back to work!

12pm – loving the 70s weather. girls are painting and cleaning. guys are doing some serious landscaping.

Still at Subway

1:25 pm: Andrew was so excited to finally get his Mountain Dew!

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Subway lunch

1:20 pm: Subway seemed to be more popular than Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell

1:35 pm: some of the guys hanging after lunch.

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Taco Bell

1:10 pm: Just Chillin :)

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Van #2 on the way to Northland.

Day 1 – 9:15 am, they’re not asleep yet!

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Live From The Field

we have a live tankers game update. andrew 91.5 – jeremy 26.5 – daniel 11

The rest of Day 1

Just entering Chicago

Andrew & Jeremy

the girls are happy to be at the camp


The art of packing the van

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Day 1 – nap time :)


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Day 1 – van #2

The fearless driver on the walkie

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Day 1 – on the way up to camp

Just playing a little bit of ‘catch phrase’.

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booklets booklets booklets

folded and stapled. pumped about studying love and truth from the apostle John together.