Friday – 1:45pm – insane last minute verses rush. Campers have 15 minutes left to get verses turned in for points for their team! “verses win the week!”

Friday – 11am – about to start up a huge energy-packed game of trivia called “Wild, Wild Test.” We’ll see how well our teens were listening throughout the week. Questions and challenges and awesomeness await!

Congregational singing of one of our favorite youth group songs

Pettit Team singing before Morris preaches

Thursday – 3pm – Just finished a great Family Reunion time. We gathered as a youth group and shared how God has been growing and changing us. So sweet to hear confessions, apologies and forgiveness and God’s grace alive and well!

Thursday – 10am – after a late night game the team slept in…breakfast in bed…another full day ahead. What could be better? :)