Friday – 1:45pm – insane last minute verses rush. Campers have 15 minutes left to get verses turned in for points for their team! “verses win the week!”

Friday – 11am – about to start up a huge energy-packed game of trivia called “Wild, Wild Test.” We’ll see how well our teens were listening throughout the week. Questions and challenges and awesomeness await!

Thursday – 3pm – Just finished a great Family Reunion time. We gathered as a youth group and shared how God has been growing and changing us. So sweet to hear confessions, apologies and forgiveness and God’s grace alive and well!

Thursday – 10am – after a late night game the team slept in…breakfast in bed…another full day ahead. What could be better? :)

Wednesday – 7am – Now this is why we brought jackets! Brrr! It’s quite a chilly morning. Looking forward to a full day of activities!

Tuesday – 6:13pm – Its game time on the field! Its a massive team game of “Settlers of Catan” called Boomtown. Our kids will love this!

Tuesday – 12pm – Cabin challenges are happening all around us! Points for your team if you can beat another cabin in a challenge. It could be Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, or Sprinting. Two of our guys challenged another cabin to carrying thier counselor the farthest…the fastest.

Tuesday – 9am – Our team is all matched up with their cabins. Right now starting a four day study on James 3-4 – Wisdom from below vs. Wisdom from above.

Sunday – 3pm – Leadership team mandated rest time going on right now. :) The team is confined to their rooms for some much needed quiet and chill time. Looking forward to a special evening service with the Northland camp staff!

Sunday – 1pm – Grabbing a Wisconsin tradition–frozen custard!