Sunday – 9:15am – Preparing for children’s church & SS this morning. Our team is serving by giving a children’s pastor and his team a day off!

Saturday – 5pm – lots of work done this AM! After lunch, we headed to a new church to do a white glove for them. Got to serve w/a new believer in the church! So exciting to see our bond in Christ!

Friday – 7:40pm – Prayer meeting before the service. We are begging God to use his Word in us and in the other teen campers!

Thursday – 12:34pm – Fueled up with some pizza and lots of water. The sun is up and there is work to be done! exceeding expectations left an right! Great team!

Tuesday – 10:20am three of our girls are hard at work transforming a massive white barn into a massive brown barn. Yeah, paint crew!

Thursday – 10:12am – Well earned water break going on right now. We are in a solid groove around here. Assembly line landscaping is the wave of the future!

Friday – 6am – so enjoying the cool weather up here. Gorgeous night last night. This morning… It is bkfast at 7am and devos, then back to work!

12pm – loving the 70s weather. girls are painting and cleaning. guys are doing some serious landscaping.