Thursday Work Update

We worked hard pecking away at our task list. We’ve got a great team, and we’ve had fun, sweat alot and finished off alot of work so far!

Breakfast and morning devotions kicked off our day, and we jumped into the book of 1 John together. Our takeaway from God’s word yesterday was that truth is not something that is optional. If Jesus died to overcome the lies around us, we must actively combat them in our lives and when we hear them. The team opened up alot! I’m looking forward to continue hearing what God is going to reveal in their lives!

As for the work…

Today, we hit our work hard and strong. The guys removed a layer of landscaping gravel from some beds and replaced it with some new mulch. Loads of gravel were taken to other areas of camp, and we finished our work off by filling the fresh beds with a nice layer of mulch. We got halfway done with our project.

The girls split into a few groups. One group headed over to the wood shop to add a fresh coat of paint to some props. Another group spread out a gym sized floor mat for mopping. They all joined together to give a nice shine to some dingy windows.

Working in the cool Northern air is refreshing. We’ve had a cool breeze all day and the sun only beat down on us for about 30 minutes.

The staff has been so kind to us. We have been greeted and welcomed and encouraged by so many on the leadership team already. I’m so thankful the teens get to rub shoulders with the men and women here!

Off to another day of work!