About the trip…

This year, we are combining a mission service trip and a camp trip. I want our teens to experience the influence of Northland camp and get a burden for the camping ministry. Our plans are to head to Wisconsin to serve and participate at Northland Camp this summer. We will volunteer at the camp doing special projects the first half week and be a part of the teen camp the next week.

I believe very strongly in the camping ministry. God drastically changed my heart and ministry direction during the two years in high school that I went to Northland as a camper. Because of that, I believe this is a trip that your teenager really needs to go on! The spiritual aspect (1 1/2 weeks of preaching and one-on-one counseling,) time spent with the group (road trip and mission trip level discipleship,) and the service opportunities make this a great way to spend the summer. Please plan to send your teenagers with us!

July 6-16, 2011

At night on our work days, we will hear from Tom Farrell. During camp, Morris Gleiser will be preaching. Will Galkin and Steve Pettit preach a morning James 4 study.

The trip costs $295. That covers the week and a half of camp, lodging, and food. The camp recommends $50-60 in spending money for extra camp things (souvenirs, paintball, snacks, bookstore, music, mini-golf, etc—see the flyer for details.) And you will need to plan to provide money for meals on the road for your teen.

Registration by March 15 is $295. After March 15 the price is $310. $30 is due at registration. Please mark only Teen 3 on your registration. We will technically register for the half week.

with any questions: 696-6810 | jon.kopp@orbc4u.org

Northland’s website: northlandcamp.org has tons of great pictures and videos describing what a week of camp looks like. Head over and check it out.

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This summer, Northland is studying James 4 for the week of camp. Click here to view a quick video about it. Or read what Northland has to say.


Tom Farrell
Thursday and Friday nights
Evangelist Tom Farrell has been in evangelism since 1979. He preaches with a passion for God and God’s people, and demonstrates his zeal for the Lord as he speaks in churches, Christian schools, and Christian camps across the country. As a frequent speaker here, Tom is a friend of Northland Camp.
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Morris Gleiser
Teen Camp Week | Monday-Friday 2 times a Day
Evangelist Morris Gleiser served teens and adults through revival work on the pastoral staff at Providence Baptist Church in Riverview, Florida. After 14 years at Providence, he spent five years as Camp Director at the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch before returning to local church work at Tri-City Baptist Church near Kansas City. Since 2002, he has been a full-time evangelist ministering to all ages across the country.
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Will Galkin
All week James 4 study
Evangelist Will Galkin is known for his heart for teens. After traveling with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team for six years, Will and his wife Christy began traveling on their own in evangelism and music ministry in 2002. We’re grateful that the Galkins serve here at Northland Camp during the summer months, where Will is the Staff Evangelist and Christy helps with special music. The Galkins have five children.
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Steve Pettit
All week James 4 study
Evangelist Steve Pettit is known as a strong Bible preacher who emphasizes revival and evangelism. He has conducted over 600 meetings throughout the U.S. and has preached in 12 foreign countries. Having worked with teenagers for 30 years, he has a special burden for young people and preaches in fundamental youth camps across America every summer. He and his wife Terry have four children.
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